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Episode 19 - Before Civil War

Get ready for war! Pod Nerdy 2 Me revisits the comics and the movies that lead to Civil War. Through our alchemical magic nerdery we hypothesize the events of Marvel's all-new movie, Captain America Civil War! (Disclaimer: we have not seen the movie yet, this is not a review, just nerds nerding out.)

Episode 16 - AKA Boss Bitch

Jessica Jones, AKA Boss Bitch, is here! We discuss the intricacies of Netflix's hit series, Marvel's Jessica Jones, with two special guests. Also, a torrent of trailers flooded the interwebs. Pod Nerdy 2 Me nerds out over Rogue One, Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in this boss ass bitch of an episode!

Episode 15 - A Nerdy Affair: Double Deluxe

This episode of Pod Nerdy 2 Me is brought to you by Admiral Ackbar, "It's NOT a trap!" We're double dipping on the crazy nerd news in the past few weeks covering the ins and outs of DC Comics' Rebirth and everything Final Fantasy XV! It's A Nerdy Affair Double Deluxe Edition!

In memory of Erik Bauersfeld, voice of "Admiral Ackbar," and "Bib Fortuna."

Episode 7 - Self Love

This is a shout out to all the lonely nerds on Valentine's Day, DO YOU! We've got nothing but love to all our nerds. Check out our Valentine's Day alternatives to sorrow and self pity. Because we've been there, and we're there for you. No one loves you as much as you love nerdy things so let's play!